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I Blew My Nose And A Worm Came Out

I Blow My Nose And Out Came A Worm!

I blew my nose and a worm emerged! It’s amazing! I have blown my nose and been met by a tiny worm in my sink. It was hilarious! It was wriggling and about 0.5 cm long and 0.1 cm wide, and I was paranoid as to what had caused it! If you’re anything like me, you likely brushed your teeth and then wiped your nose.

worm blew my nose

After blowing his nose, a reader discovered a worm in his sink. He was paranoid about its origins and was shocked to find the worm, a tiny thread, just half a centimeter in length, just 0.1cm wide. The reader could not identify the worm. He described it as “wriggling and barely visible”.

worm came out

After blowing his nose, a reader discovered a worm in his sink. He became paranoid about the origin of the worm and began to search for it. He described the worm as being about 0.5cm in length and 0.1cm in width. He then went online to investigate. After doing so, he found that the worm had swam out of his nose!

worm in sink after blowing nose – wriggling, tiny thread

A reader recently described finding a worm in the sink after blowing her nose. It was tiny, measuring only 0.5cm in height and 0.1cm in width. Although she was paranoid about the origin of the worm, its size and absence symptoms suggest it is not a pinworm. Read on for a possible explanation.