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Irish People Try

How to Get an Irish Guy to Try Something

Getting an Irish guy to try something is a tall order. This is especially true of a seasoned traveler. With a name like octuple octuple, it’s no wonder that a single digit number turns into a sextillion. Aside from its unrivaled appetite, the Irish also have an innate sense of humor, which can make or break a relationship. To top it off, Ireland boasts an impressive list of celebrities ranging from celebrities in the biz to the aforementioned horde. This is further cemented by the fact that Ireland is a nation akin to that of the United Kingdom. Fortunately, Ireland ain’t got too much of a population, and most of the country is fairly small – in fact, Ireland is the size of the state of Connecticut. The state is renowned for its booze and the Irish have a reputation for being hard drinkers. With that in mind, a gin and tonic might be the best option in this particular case. The best time to hit the bottle is after 10 p.m. The Irish have also been known to snort and snort some more, which is a good thing for the Irish tourist.