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Rimworld Research Tree

Rimworld’s Research Tree

Rimworld has a unique research tree that lets you craft different components of the game. For example, you can craft parts of a ship by breaking chunks and making them into smaller pieces. This is called Fabrication, and it’s located in the Research tree. You can use this tree to craft components of your ship that you can then use in other places.

Oxygen Not Included

The first time you play Oxygen Not Included, you’ll notice a short gap between your character’s action and the transition. The key is to jump before the gap. The more you jump, the easier the transition will be. However, the game isn’t perfect. Some transitions are a little too long. Thankfully, this game offers several ways to shorten those gaps.

The Oxygen Not Included mod has a rich community of mods and great ideas. Some are very useful, while others just add a little extra. Many of these mods are free and can be used by anyone regardless of their level of expertise. Those who are looking for Oxygen Not Included mods can browse the community’s mod site for more information.


The new research tree for Civitatem gives players a new way to build a town in the midst of a dangerous world. The art style is similar to Rimworld, but it’s more of a town-building simulation game than a role-playing one. The game’s seasons play a big role in determining the survival of the colony.

In addition to building cities, players can also manage the needs of civilians in Civitatem. By meeting the demands of these civilians, players will be able to motivate them to work. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to assign tasks to each of them so the colony doesn’t run out of resources.

Watermill generator

The Watermill generator in the Rimworld research tree will provide your players with an easier way to make water from the mineral resources in the world. This new resource is an upgrade from the previous version. It will increase your colonists’ charm and depth, and will enable more diverse interactions with them.

This resource is very rare and can be difficult to come by. It is also required for building electrical equipment and making essential repairs. This item requires some research and will take time to get, but once you have it, you can start using it right away!

Fabrication bench

In Rimworld, the Fabrication bench is a powerful tool for crafting components. It can be upgraded to produce Advanced Components. These components are more powerful than regular Components, but they are very expensive to buy from traders. The advantage of this bench is that you can replace the components without calling traders.

To craft components, you must have at least 8 crafting skills, 12 Steel, and 5,000 in-game Time Ticks. You can obtain these materials by mining compaction machinery and deconstructing sunk ships. If you want to build more complicated machinery, you need to use advanced components.