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Juan Orlando Hernndez Net Worth

Juan Orlando Hernandez Net Worth – How Much Money Has He Earned?

There are many sources that can tell you how much Juan Orlando Hernandez has made over the years. Some sources show the income as a large portion of Hernandez’s net worth, while others are more conservative. If you want to find out the full amount, read on! Let’s first look at his work history and background. He studied law and public administration at both the Universidad Nacional Autonomous de Honduras (UNAH) and the State University of New York.

Hernandez was convicted of drug trafficking before he became famous and wealthy. His net worth is estimated to be approximately $1 billion. Hernandez, a former Honduran congressman was also involved in a drug trafficking conspiracy. Tony Hernandez, Hernandez’ brother, was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for drug trafficking.

The Honduran President was sworn in as President in January 2014, and since then, his wealth has risen significantly. Although his net worth is largely unknown, his wealth is estimated to be around $1.3 billion. In addition, Hernandez owns stakes in two major oil companies in the country, including the state-owned PDVSA and Andean Petroleum. These investments have fueled his lifestyle and accumulated his net worth.

Hernandez was born on October 28, 1968 in Honduras. He was raised as a Roman Catholic and married Ana Garcia in 1990. They have four children together. In 2013, Hernandez was elected President of Honduras and served as the President of the Honduran National Congress from 2010 to 2013. In his early career, he worked as a lawyer and notary public. He studied public administration in New York later.

During the time of the scandal, Hernandez’s assets were in the spotlight. His net worth has increased but many have questioned his financial integrity. In addition to a massive lawsuit filed against him, Hernandez was accused of accepting campaign money from scandal-plagued companies. Hernandez denied knowing about the scandal. Despite this, he was able to prevent it by appointing a commission to investigate the issue of corruption.

Hernandez is accused of being involved in a corrupt and violent drug trafficking conspiracy that enabled the importation of hundreds upon thousands of kilograms cocaine into the United States. In exchange for this, Hernandez received millions of dollars from drug cartel bosses to enrich himself. He allegedly used his political position, the military, and law enforcement to support drug-trafficking organizations. So how much does Hernandez earn?