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Dresses Blowing Up In Wind Before Effects

Whether you’re getting ready for a party, or you’re just looking for a romantic dress to wear to a night out with your lover, you’ve likely seen at least one movie scene with a dress blowing up in the wind before the effects begin. It’s quite common and can be quite funny. Here are some of the most memorable examples.

Happosai, a school girl dressed in her gowns, lifts them in the wind in “Allegro”. The trick isn’t perfect, however, because a portion the princess’s gown is exposed. However, it’s a great visual effect. Jounichi/Joey performs the yo-yo trick by lifting another girl’s gown before the effects start.

Another example is in the anime adaptation of Maeterlinck’s “Air no Tori.” Berylune’s magic lifts Mytyl’s skirt in the air, and she blushes while she flies through space. Then, in the next episode, “Nadja, Door of Destiny,” she is hit by a water hose and has her skirt blow up again.