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Shrine Of Ocean’s Fortune Journals

Shrine Of Ocean’s Fortune Journals

The Shrine Of Ocean’s Fortune contains five secret journals. The first journal can be found when you first enter the shrine on the lower level, near a pile of planks and a stone pillar covered in coral. The first secret to the game is revealed when you read the journal.

The shipwreck to the south holds the final secret of Shrine. This shipwreck is a treasure trove. Once you have it, you can continue to the next level. You must find a secret passageway in the journal to access it.

You can also find the journal on a shipwreck to the left of Coral Plinth. The fourth secret is located on the top floor. To access the fourth secret, you will need to kill coral skeletons. However, the third journal will reveal how to get it.

The Shrine Of Ocean’s Fortune is located in the Siren Shrines in Sea of Thieves Season Four. The Shrine’s highest section contains a chest with ancient tributes. You will be awarded a commendation achievement if you reach it.

The Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune is a multi-level maze in Sea of Thieves. During this quest, you must collect five journals to unlock the reward. You will be awarded the Mystery of Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune commendation once you have collected all five journals.

The second journal can be found by climbing the ladder near a glowing purple coral. You will need to cross the maze of corals to reach the platform where the chest with ancient tribute is located. After completing this task, you’ll receive the journal. Afterward, you must use the pulley system to lower the floating platform.

The Shrine of the Coral Tomb is another treasure of the game. To collect all five journals, you must visit the other five shrines to complete the quest. You must collect them before you can move on to the Shrine of the Coral Tomb. The journal will reveal the secrets of the treasure that is hidden inside. You will have to complete several puzzles to reach this treasure.