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Why Put Crayon In Wallet When Traveling

Why Put a Crayon in Your Wallet When Traveling

Maintaining organization with a crayon in your wallet is an effortless way to stay safe and have fun while traveling!

A Crayon in Your Wallet Can be Useful for Many Tasks

Traveling can be challenging when trying to remember all the directions that need taking. This could make the trip confusing or frustrating, so using a crayon may help solve this issue. Alternatively, jot them down on paper and store it safely inside your wallet for later reference.

You can use a crayon to check off items on your travel checklist or label the items in your suitcase. A crayon is an ideal tool for documenting your adventures as it’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry with you wherever life takes you.

Traveling With Kids Can Be an Exhausting Exercise

If traveling with children, it may be challenging to make friends while waiting in line. A crayon in your wallet makes for a great icebreaker for any situation – not to mention an entertaining way for children to pass time while waiting in line!

Can Be a Covert Way to Save a Life

Sometimes, just writing their name with a pencil might not be enough when it comes to keeping track of an abducted child. But with a crayon, you can discreetly write their name, ask for help or leave marks on walls or floors that help locate them.

Can Prevent Security Agents from Scanning Your Wallet

If you travel frequently, airport security checks may be necessary. These inspections tend to be very thorough and take a long time, so having crayon in your wallet may help shield it from being scanned by security agents.

Your Cards From Bending

When traveling, credit cards or ID cards often get bent. This can cause considerable damage to the wallet if left unchecked. A crayon helps prevent this from occurring by being rigid enough not to break or tear easily during transit.

Organise Your Travels

Traveling with children can be a challenge to remember what they need when they’re going through the motions of eating, sleeping, and playing. A crayon in your wallet will make it simpler to locate all their little toys and help keep them contented while you’re away from home.

Making Your Own Travel Journal

If writing in a notebook isn’t your style, creating your own travel journal is easy and convenient. Grab some paper or your journal and draw pictures or do sketches – then write them down in your journal once you return from your trip and have an organized record of all of your experiences!

While traveling, you can take lots of pictures and add them to your journal. This is an excellent way to record all your experiences and is simple enough for you to print them out.