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Pearl Rhythm Traveler

Pearl Rhythm Traveler Review

The Pearl Rhythm Traveler is the ideal portable drum set for both silent practice and compact live performance. It is a full size five piece set that packs away into its own small case, making it easy to transport around.

This drum kit from Pearl is lightweight yet incredibly strong, thanks to their Heat Compression Shell Molding System. Featuring a 20″ bass drum, 10″, 12″, 14″, and 13″, all made from 6 ply, 7.5 mm mahogany with 5-inch shell depths, these drums will make any musician proud!

This drum set is built to last and comes complete with all necessary hardware so you can start playing right away. It includes a hi-hat stand, snare drum stand, straight cymbal stand and bass-drum pedal. Plus it boasts the classic black hardware found on professional drum sets – three L-arms and two bass drum spurs included!

These double-braced frames feature rubber gaskets at adjustment points. All hardware is part of Pearl’s 70W Series, designed for strength and durability while keeping weight down for convenient transport.

Mahogany drums provide a warm, full-bodied tone with excellent crack. Choose from finishes like Jet Black, Pure White or Steel Blue for your dream groove.

Pearl has earned a well-deserved reputation for quality and craftsmanship, and this drum kit lives up to that reputation. It features the same patented Heat Compression Shell Molding System found in every Pearl drum.

This set of drums has a solid feel and sound, which is commendable for a set at this price point. However, some better quality cymbals would have been appreciated in this kit.

Cymbals may not be perfect, but they do a good job of mufflering sound in a room. Plus, they come with plastic mufflers so you can strike them without disturbing those around you. Quiet and refined, if used frequently for practice purposes they will save a lot of irritation.

This drum kit stands out from other drum sets in that it can be easily stacked and rolled up into a portable drum case. Plus, the built-in kick pedal makes it perfect for working drummers who require portability or beginners looking to start with high quality equipment.