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Jenna Fischer Cat People Magazine

Jenna Fischer and Her Cat Andy

Jennifer Fischer is a big time Hollywood star, and she’s got a cat to prove it. She’s also an animal lover who plays for L.A.’s Kitten Rescue. This multitasking powerhouse is the proud mother of two. In addition to being a TV show star, Jenna has appeared in the latest films. Some of her recent starring roles include You, Me and the Apocalypse (2013-2014), Splitting Up Together (2018-2019), and The Giant Mechanical Man (2012).

During her tenure on The Office, Fischer was known for her off-screen persona, and she was an active advocate for animal rights. Her pet cat Andy was a rescue that she found 16 years ago. Eventually, she adopted him and made him a member of the family. Today, she’s a volunteer foster parent for the organization. And the cat is just one of the many pets in her care.

As for what’s in her box, she’s got the standard ‘cat lady’ duties. Along with her two cats, she’s an avid animal lover who volunteers at Los Angeles’ Kitten Rescue. One of her more interesting volunteer gigs is her work with the Cats and Kittens Tsunami Relief. Among other accomplishments, she was a producer of the NBC series’ final season.

As far as the small screen is concerned, Fischer is best known for her starring role on the sitcom The Office. In her illustrious career, she has starred in a variety of acclaimed films including Blades of Glory and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. She’s also been known to pop up on various televised events, such as Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown. Other notable movie roles include the aforementioned Slither with John C. Reilly, and the Farrelly brothers’ A Little Help, and in a couple of oddball indie flicks. She’s also acted as a marketing maven for the likes of Samsung and Intel. With her busy schedule, her commitment to her animals is the main focus of her day job, but she’s no slouch when it comes to the cat department.

It’s safe to say that the oh so trite question, “Is your cat still alive?”, has been answered with a resounding, “Yes.” For a young actress with a knack for playing the part of the cat lady, it’s no wonder her off-screen life has been full of aplenty of cat fun.