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Why Do Black People Have Big Dicks

Many African-American men wonder, “Why do black people have big dicks?” The answer may surprise you, but the stereotypes are not entirely unfounded. There is no difference between African and white penises, so the myth must have been created by racist historical rhetoric. Still, it’s interesting to consider why black men have larger penises. Here are some reasons. Read on to learn more about the history of this controversial notion.

One reason is because there are more Black men with big penises in porn. These men are more attractive to porn companies, who are willing to pay top dollar for them to perform. This is the main reason why you see so much black porn on YouTube. But, the question is not as simple as “Black men have bigger penises than white men,” says one of the researchers. This phenomenon is a self-perpetuating characteristic of the Black community.

The second reason is that black men are more likely to have larger penises. Compared to white men, Black men have larger penises. Historically, white people have lumped African and Asian people together, and white people have tended to look at them through Eurocentric lenses. As a result, white men have come to think of non-white men as having bigger penises than their counterparts. And they’ve been wrong.

Despite these myths, the black community has a long history of discrimination. The Black community is no exception. The racist attitudes towards the Black penis are self-perpetuating, and many people don’t understand why they have large dicks. The first of the reasons is because they are more likely to be porn stars than other ethnic groups. And second, Black men tend to have a smaller penis.

The second reason is that Black men have bigger penises than white men. While white men’s penises are much bigger than those of their peers, Black women’s penises are smaller. Those are not the only factors that cause this problem, but they are all worth looking into. They have a larger penis than their counterparts and are more likely to have a broader range of sexuality.

Another reason for black men’s larger penises is because the black population has fewer Africans. The African continent is vast and includes more than three thousand ethnic groups. Unlike North and South America, Africa has no distinct white population. In comparison, white men in these regions have a dick that is 0.15 inches larger than their counterparts in Asia. But it’s not all about size.

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