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Barov Family Fortune

The Barov Family Fortune in World of Warcraft

The Barov family fortune consists of four deeds. They are found in the Barov Family Vault and at the far left of the Reliquary. These deeds can only be picked up by players if they form a five-man party. The Barovs have two sons, Alexi and Weldon. Alexi was obsessed with acquiring the family’s fortune and plotted his brother’s murder.

To start the Barov Family Fortune quest, you will need to travel to the Bulwark region. First, you will need to kill the Horde NPC, Alexi Barov. This will flag your character for PvP and make them vulnerable to high-level Horde players. Once you kill Alexi Barov, you will have the opportunity to unlock the Barov Peasant Caller which will summon three servants for a short period of time.