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Popular Gemstones and Shapes in 2023

Popular Gemstones and Shapes in 2023

Gemstones have been the essence of designing your jewelry from the ancient eras to the modernistic world of today. They have been around for centuries, becoming integral to style, fashion, and value. 

While some gemstones may have lost charm with time, others never go out of style. There are quite a few gemstones widely considered worth buying this year. Styling your jewelry with these beautiful gemstones will make your outfit stand out effortlessly.

If 2023 is the year you wish to update your jewelry with some classy gemstones, let us assist you with the best five. The following are the most popular gemstones in 2023 to add to your jewelry vault.


Just like wearing jewelry will never go out of fashion, emeralds will always hold immense importance when it comes to gemstones. Emeralds are the most exquisite and desired gemstones on the market. They are famous for their alluring green color, expertly representing rebirth and rejuvenation. Emeralds are present and mined mainly in Brazil, Zambia, and Colombia.

In comparison to diamonds, emeralds are twenty times rarer, making them exceedingly valuable and popular. One of their unique characteristics is their high durability, ranging from 7 to 8 on the Mohs scale. High durability makes the emerald a perfect fit for everyday use and less prone to scratches and damage. 

Emeralds have remained a symbol of power and authority since the Roman Empire. To date, these gemstones are loved for their distinctive characteristics and symbolic significance for wealth, sophistication, and grandeur. 


Ruby is the most widely known gemstone on Earth. Even if you have minimal prior knowledge of gemstones, you will be familiar with the beauty and worth of Ruby. The shades of deeper red to scarlet create a captivating effect on the person wearing it. 

Rubies are in several countries, including Thailand, Madagascar, India, and Myanmar. The most valued rubies are mined from the Mogok region of Myanmar and are highly popular for their high clarity and deep red color. Hence, if you want a lifetime investment, go for Ruby as the style stud of 2023.


Sapphire is one of the most refined and high-priced gemstones with various contrasting colors—from pink, yellow, and green to white and blue. While other colors are equally appealing, the blue hue has always won people’s hearts from different eras.

Considering its high durability and value, it is often employed in high-end jewelry worn by famous artists worldwide. Sapphires are mainly used in engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Sapphires are found in Australia, Thailand, and the United States. Worn and adored by kings and queens from the ancient eras, these gemstones have become excessively popular in 2023, especially for engagement rings, as many brides prefer a statement sapphire ring over a traditional diamond. Moreover, sapphires are highly adaptable to heat, making them a perfect fit for high-temperature environments.


You must have heard the saying that gemstones are either expensive or overly expensive. But when it comes to Tanzanite, an affordable yet tempting gemstone, the saying thus is inapplicable. The alluring violet shade with a blue hue and exotic cut sublimely affects the person wearing it.

Tanzanite is new to the world of gemstones but is already famous. It has a durability rate of 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale, fairly less than that of rubies and emeralds, though still providing mandatory protection. 

You can also flaunt your beautiful ring with a statement gemstone without worrying about the budget. Tanzanite, unlike other gemstones, is only found in a specific region of Mount Kilimanjaro, near northern Tanzania. Its supplies are limited, constantly creating a buzz across markets for its high value and popularity.

Each of these gemstones can be crafted and molded into different sleek yet bold cuts according to your taste. However, some shapes are overly dominant over others, given their charm and shine. Below are some of the most popular designs that will take over the 2023 market.


Traditional yet classy, you can never go wrong with a round shape. It is known best for diamonds because of its symmetrical cuts and ability to reflect light, creating an enticing sparkle.


This shape has won the hearts of people for a long time because of its elegance and individuality. It comes in a teardrop shape, best utilized in engagement rings, earrings, and delicate pendants.


The cushion shape is rectangularly cut with rounded corners, rendering it perfect for numerous gemstones. It has a vintage touch and can be used in modern and classic jewelry designs.


People usually tend to avoid experimenting with the shapes of birthstones, but tons of people have admired an oval shape. The oval cut is a classic choice with the unique feature of making the gemstone appear bigger than its actual carat size.