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Naruto Fanfic Time Travel

Top 5 Naruto Fanfics That Use Time Travel

Time Travel is an integral part of the Naruto universe, and it has been used in many different ways. Sometimes it is to make changes that would otherwise be impossible (such as setting Naruto up as Hokage), but more often than not it is just to allow characters to travel back and experience events they may not have otherwise had the chance to see firsthand.

There are some really great fanfics out there about time travel, and it’s not difficult to see why they have so many fans! They’re generally very well written, and they also usually explore themes that aren’t typically explored in canon.

For example, a lot of fanfics about time travel will focus on the physical aspect, such as going back in time to fight an enemy or to get to a particular point in a game. But there are some fantastic fics out there that use time travel to focus on the mental aspect of it.

It’s a wonderful idea, and it’s a great way to explore things that might not have otherwise been addressed. It’s also a very effective way of showing how different people view the same events, and it can be especially interesting to watch characters who are normally seen as being more emotionally detached view things from a completely different perspective.

Another fic that uses time travel to explore the mental side of it is The Massacre, which takes place a year after Kakashi sacrificed himself at Kannabi Bridge and leaves behind a broken Team 7. It’s a cracking fic, but I don’t like how it deals with Kakashi’s death.

The AU in this one is a little bit darker than canon, and it does deal with some pretty grim events, but the author makes sure that all the characters are still very much alive. They’re just trying to survive and move on from their experiences.

A very well written and heartfelt fic about the traumatic events that surround Sakura’s parents’ deaths. The relationship between Sakura and her parents is a very realistic representation of how a twelve-year-old would be affected by these kinds of things, and the relationships between the rest of Team 7 are also well done.

This fic isn’t very long, but it’s a great read for anyone who wants to find out more about the events that led up to the Konoha Crush and how Sakura deals with them. It’s also a good look at how a family can be torn apart by an event that could have easily been avoided.

I’d recommend this fic to anyone looking for an in-depth character study of Kakashi, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you enjoy stories that are both heart-wrenchingly sad and incredibly human. It’s also a very enjoyable read, and I’m particularly fond of the relationships between Naruto and Kakashi and between Naruto and Sasuke.