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Twitter Ceo Draws Outrage After Past Tweet About White People

Twitter CEO Draws Outrage After Past Tweet About White People Being Racist

Twitter’s new CEO, Parag Agrawal, is drawing criticism after an old tweet quoting comedian Aasif Mandvi made the rounds on Twitter. The tweet said that white people are racist. However, the tweet has no relevance to Agrawal’s current role at Twitter.

Earlier this year, the social network was embroiled in controversy after former president Donald Trump tweeted about Muslims being arrested after a riot in the Washington D.C. area in January. It was also criticized for banning content from accounts connected to the Trump campaign. Other issues have been misinformation, abuse, and mental health problems.

Twitter is now at a crossroads, and Dorsey’s departure marks the end of an era. Dorsey was an outspoken member of Silicon Valley’s eccentric set. He dabbled in cryptocurrencies and intermittent fasting. During his tenure at Twitter, he was accused of choosing improvements to the site over revenue.

Dorsey also had to defend his decision to block the New York Post from posting exclusive content to Twitter. His decision to leave the company was not without its criticism, though. In response to the outcry, Twitter announced a multi-year plan to double the company’s revenue. It included hiring three new directors to its board.

But some people aren’t happy about Parag Agrawal, the CEO of Twitter, because of a decade-old tweet he tweeted. While not a Twitter employee at the time of the original tweet, Agrawal later clarified that his 2010 tweet was a quote from the comedy show “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”.

In that 2010 episode, a panel of comics, including Aasif Mandvi, Larry Whilmore, and Larry King, discussed the issue of race and racism in America. At one point, Wilmore joked that stereotypical actions that can freak out people are a common way to ridicule racial bias.

On Monday, Twitter announced Parag Agrawal as its new CEO. Agrawal is an Indian-American man with a tech background, and has been at Twitter since 2011. Prior to joining Twitter, Agrawal was a software engineer. He has also led Twitter’s machine learning and artificial intelligence efforts.

After Jack Dorsey resigned as CEO of Twitter on Monday, Agrawal was named as the company’s next CEO. As part of the announcement, Dorsey stepped down as chairman of the board. And he plans to step down from his position as CEO once his term expires in 2022.

As Twitter’s new CEO, Agrawal is expected to lead the social media platform’s technical strategy and bring a fresh perspective to the company. However, some critics say that Agrawal has not addressed the social issue that has dominated the internet in recent years.

One of the most notable features of Twitter is its ability to draw attention to controversial content. That was certainly true when a video about the company’s new CEO was published on Fox News. Another viral item drew attention to the tweet of a decade-old remark. Unlike some other companies, Twitter does not take kindly to people running with a tweet before verifying its authenticity.