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Krucial Travel Nursing

Krucial Travel Nursing Agency Review

Krucial Staffing is one of the largest travel nursing agencies in America, dedicated to being a secure long-term partner for travel nurses and helping them use their talents for good by supporting those in need.

They offer their travelers a range of benefits, such as sick pay and tuition reimbursement. Furthermore, they have strong partnerships with numerous brands and organizations so contractors can often take advantage of discounts on various items.

Their Employee Benefits Are Excellent

They boast a stellar reputation for providing employees with many of the same advantages as full-time staff, such as medical and dental coverage. Furthermore, they provide an extensive wellness program and paid vacation time.

The company also boasts an excellent relationship with Wyndham Hotels, giving their contractors discounted rates at nearly 9,000 locations around the world. This is a huge benefit for travel nurses who can save a considerable amount on vacations – especially international trips.

In times of emergency, they can provide hospitals with a large number of healthcare workers at short notice.

Nurses face a challenging job, but for some they offer the chance to explore a new place and part of the country. Many report that their experience has given them a new outlook on life and enabled them to cope better with an often demanding profession.

They believe traveling nurses’ ability to move from hospital to hospital helps them avoid burnout. This provides them with a chance to take a break and let their emotions settle before returning to work.

When they receive a new assignment, many attempt to locate a facility that feels more like home. They say the change of environment helps them manage their emotions and keeps them from losing hope.

However, they still experience a sense of loss when they leave their jobs. Additionally, some of their travel plans have been cancelled at the last minute, costing them money and work hours.

Travel nurses have often turned to the Internet for information and support, according to In These Times. One group even documented an incident that left them deeply upset and angry on camera.

Another group of nurses complained that they were sent into hospitals for critical care roles they lacked experience in, without adequate protective gear or training. Furthermore, they were reportedly made to perform tasks they weren’t qualified for such as working in an obstetrics unit at Harlem Hospital.

Krucial Staffing is facing lawsuits for wrongful termination, negligent hiring and breach of contract. Plaintiffs contend the recruiters made false representations about their abilities and job responsibilities which violated state nursing licensing laws.

Their attorneys asserted they feared losing their jobs or facing disciplinary action from state boards for speaking out about the lack of PPE. Furthermore, they maintained it was unprofessional to require them to work in an area they lacked experience, and without adequate training or equipment.