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Lad Bible Time Traveller

Lad Bible Time Traveller

Lad bible time traveller is an acclaimed video website that strives to create viral content from various stories and videos. However, its misogynistic and controversial views have been widely criticized.

Alex “Solly” Solomou, the founder of LADbible, founded the site in 2012 and is based in both London and Manchester. They provide both original and user-generated content across various genres such as editorials, entertainment news, video production, documentaries and live streaming – with revenue generated through online advertising.

Established in 2012, LADbible Time Traveller is owned and operated by The LADbible Group Ltd. The website publishes a wide variety of entertaining and educational content across various platforms – primarily social media – making it a major contributor to the entertainment industry with over 25 billion views per year on YouTube alone.

According to a press release, LADbible Group has implemented several initiatives designed to make their employees’ lives happier and more rewarding. One such initiative includes offering 30 fully funded six-month work placements for 16-24 year olds in the UK.

The LADbible Group has several initiatives designed to assist employees who may be facing life-altering medical situations, such as mental health problems and disability. Furthermore, they have joined forces with a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in order to offer medical support to its staff members.

To encourage young people to cast their vote in this year’s general election, the group has launched “Check Ya PMs”, a campaign which features a box where users can send their impressions of candidates using a QR code.

Another of the company’s initiatives is a pro-life campaign. Sinead Allchurch, HR director for the organisation, noted that they are advocating their policies in light of US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade – which upholds women’s right to choose an abortion – by the court.

Furthermore, the company has implemented a series of initiatives to make its staff more aware of their sexuality and gender identity. For instance, it offers training in sexual harassment and bullying awareness to all employees, while creating a confidential support line for those struggling with their gender identity or mental health issues.

The LADbible Group recently collaborated with a major music label to release an exciting series of music videos featuring musicians. This marks the first time an in-house social media agency has collaborated with a music brand, helping the business expand its reach and boost engagement online.