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Free People Vintage Summer Midi Dress

Free People Vintage Summer Midi Dress Review

The Free People Vintage Summer Midi Dress is an appropriate size, albeit petite sexy. With the proper care and feeding the sexy sibling will be rewarded with years of wear and tear. This nifty little number is a winner. The only complaint I have is that the buttons are a bit more than discreet. Despite the plethora of buttons, the sexy sibling remains in tact. This isn’t a bad thing. Besides, who wants a fussy dresser in their midst? Nevertheless, this sexy sibling is a winner in every sense. Having said that, the sexy sibling is not to be trifled with. To avoid the embarrassment, I tuck the sexy sibling away in my locker for safe keeping. Oh, and while I’m at it, make sure your mate knows you aren’t in the room. Likewise, do not get caught unawares on a hot day. That is not to mention, this is the perfect dress for a summer fete. Aside from the sexy sexy, the sexy sibling, you will be the envy of all your friends. Having a sexy sibling isn’t as hard as it sounds.