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One Dark Day In The Middle Of The Night

One Dark Day in the Middle of the Night Variations

The first line of the poem has many slight variations. The most popular are the words early morning or late night. The third reader reversed the first lines. There are several reversals in the first line of this poem. They are discussed in this article, along with their differences. One dark day in the middle of the night is often associated with the dead boy playing basketball. It is also a favorite of many children.


In November 2012, researchers published a paper that explored the role of a common polymorphism on the daily rhythms of people, and how the variation affects the likelihood of dying at certain times of day. Their findings were unexpected and could have important implications on scheduling shift work, medical treatment, monitoring vulnerable patients, and other areas such as monitoring. Regardless of whether the findings are largely accurate, the research shows that more work is needed to determine the exact times of the day when people are most likely to die.

Variants of the first-line

There are several variations of the first line. The most well-known variations are early morning, dark evening, and two dead boys. There is a third variant that reverses the first. The first line ends with the boy dying and the other two boys also dying. A policeman, who couldn’t hear them, runs out to the scene and shoots them dead.

Variants of the third line

The first line is always a variant. A popular choice is early morning, but there are other variations, too. Another popular choice is “dark evening”, which sounds like “two dead boys” playing in the dark. The third reader reversed the first sentence. This makes the poem sound less serious and more enigmatic, though both lines are still quite recognizable.