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Backpacker Travel Insurance Iec

What You Need to Know About Backpacker Travel Insurance

Backpacker travel insurance provides long-term cover, often up to 18-24 months while abroad.

Finding the Right Cover

When planning an overseas adventure, it is essential that you purchase backpacker travel insurance designed specifically for this type of journey and includes protection against unexpected events. When selecting a policy provider, do your research carefully as these will cover you when booking trips as backpackers and could save time and money in unexpected events.

An effective backpacker policy should cover emergency medical expenses; holiday disruptions including hotel cancellations or delays; lost or stolen luggage; legal fees; as well as personal liability coverage.

Among backpacker travel insurance policies, two of the best-known are Post Office Travel Insurance or an RAC policy (with 10% discounts for members). But for added peace of mind and budget friendly plans, consider Safety Wing, founded by Norwegian digital nomads which offers comprehensive travel protection plans at very reasonable rates.

Working Holiday Visas and Insurance Australians planning to participate in the IEC working holiday visa program must purchase international travel insurance that provides medical, hospitalisation and repatriation coverage during their working holiday visa duration. Emergencies are expensive affairs; therefore it is imperative to choose an adequate plan that fits with your individual needs and has enough coverage.

As the IEC program only offers visas to a limited number of travellers annually, it is crucial that you don’t miss out. Doing so could result in your visa being cancelled and could jeopardise future opportunities to visit Canada.

Entering Canada requires having an IEC visa and having IEC travel insurance; without such policies you will not be permitted entry. It is advised to purchase two one-year policies prior to leaving for Canada to ensure you have adequate IEC cover – simply ticking a box when buying your policy will suffice!

IEC Working Holiday Visas in Canada

The IEC visa program provides Australians an incredible opportunity to explore life in another country through travel. However, its requirements for both work permits and visas must be fulfilled prior to travelling; so make sure that these requirements are fulfilled prior to making plans to go.

An IEC visa requires travel insurance that lasts the length of its validity, which could save you thousands over time. A good travel policy that offers protection across a range of activities and winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding may also be worthwhile investing in.