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Triple Fortune Dragon

Review of the Triple Fortune Dragon Slot Game

The Triple Fortune Dragon slot game features an oriental soundtrack and a dragon wild symbol, which acts as an additional win line. When it appears on reels 2 and 4, this symbol boosts the chances of forming prize winning combinations. If it appears on all reels, three or more dragon wild symbols are created, allowing you to make multiple wins on a single spin.

While the graphics of Triple Fortune Dragon are quite outdated, the game is still fun to play. The high-quality bonus features and 3x wins make this a slot game that will appeal to gamblers looking for something a little different. Moreover, there’s a video showing a player who scored a big win of more than $1000 on a single spin despite playing only $5. This shows that even though the graphics are old, the game is still appealing to gamblers who want to try something new.

Another great feature of Triple Fortune Dragon is its Free Spins Bonus Round. To trigger this bonus round, you must land three golden coin Scatters on reels two, three, and four. These symbols will award you five, ten, or twenty times your bet as free spins, which you can retrigger up to 360 times.

Another great feature of Triple Fortune Dragon is the MultiWay feature. This feature is common in IGT’s games, as it helps players win on many different combinations. This feature is a great way to increase your winnings if you land a winning combination on a payline. And because the game features five reels with 243 ways to win, it’s easy to see why this game is so popular.