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Wheel Of Fortune Event

Important Details About the Wheel of Fortune Event

If you’re interested in participating in the Wheel of Fortune event, you’ve come to the right place. This exciting competition is free to enter and is open to anyone who is legally resident in the US or Canada. However, certain restrictions apply to certain locations. If you’re planning to participate in this fun activity with your team, you’ll need to prepare for some special details.

First, you’ll need to know how to play the Wheel of Fortune event. Similar to the popular TV show, you’ll have to press the free button on the Wheel to spin the wheel. Your goal is to spin the wheel and hope that the pointer lands on the prize. You’ll receive extra rewards based on the prizes you win. To increase your chances of winning the prize, follow the rules and tips below.

The Wheel of Fortune LIVE event will take place in more than 60 cities across North America. The live version of the game show will feature a Wheel replica and puzzle-board where audience members can compete for prizes including $10,000 in cash and trips to Paris and Hawaii. The show will also include an interactive element that will allow audience members to solve the puzzle board.

Another important detail is that the Wheel of Fortune event occurs approximately every two weeks. It gives players extra rewards and a chance to earn exclusive commander sculptures. Additionally, players can spend gems on speedups and large resource items. They can spin the wheel for up to three times to receive extra rewards. The game will also award a specific sculpture for a hero based on the current state of the Kingdom.

In terms of prizes, the highest win is an eight-time commander sculpture. The free spins can be used up to four times during the event. Discounted spins can be used up to once per day. It takes 96 spins to unlock the highest tier of the “Extra Rewards.” The “SPIN 5 TIMES” option costs three thousand four hundred gems each time you spin the wheel. Consequently, a hundred spins on the wheel will cost seventy four hundred gems.