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You Live And You Learn Quotes

Quotes such as “You live and you learn” are powerful motivators for people who want to improve their lives. It’s a proven fact that these inspirational sayings have the ability to change your life for the better. They are authored by various personalities including Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, and Albert Einstein. These quotes can be used to inspire and motivate you. You may be surprised to learn that these quotes have the potential to change your entire outlook on life.

In 2004, Maxime Lagace began collecting quotes. After the death of his girlfriend in an accident, Maxime Lagace found inspiration for his own life. As a self-help enthusiast, he began diving into the world of personal development and productivity. Later, he took up trail running to increase his physical and mental fitness. He kept a journal in which he wrote down his thoughts and feelings. Later, he started to collect quotes about self-improvement.