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Michelle Manziel and Johnny Manziel

If you’re new to football, you may have heard of Michelle Manziel, the mother of NFL star Johnny Manziel. She is the mother of Johnny Manziel, a former Texas A&M quarterback currently involved in a domestic violence scandal. According to reports, the quarterback allegedly threatened his ex-girlfriend and was drunk when arriving at a Browns practice December 30.

In the 2014 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns chose Johnny Manziel, the 22nd pick overall, but the star quarterback struggled to play up to his full potential, and his time with the team was marred by off-field controversies. Manziel’s contract expired with the Browns at the end 2015 season. He was not signed by another team before the start of the next season. Manziel played football again with the Canadian Football League’s Tiger-Cats.

Manziel isn’t the only investor in the oil and natural gas industry. His parents are also oil tycoons. His father, Bobby Joe Manziel, hit oil in Texas in the 1930s. Since the couple has a shared background in oil and gas, their relationship is a natural one. Manziel’s mother, Michelle Manziel, is a former real estate agent and a Texan businesswoman.

Manziel is a Tyler, Texas native. His parents, Michelle and Paul Manziel, are independent wealthy. Meri, his younger sister, is also an athlete. The family has lived in Kerrville, Texas, for several decades, and they are self-sufficient. Manziel’s parents are rich from oil and gas and real estate. So, what makes Johnny Manziel tick? It’s their passion for the game that makes them happy, and it has made their lives more fulfilling.

Manziel’s NFL career began after his college career. He played quarterback for Texas A&M and was compared to former NFL quarterback Drew Brees. Heisman Trophy and Manning Award were two of the many awards that he received as a rookie. He was the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy and the Manning Award, and was named SEC Freshman of the Year for 2012.