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Colm Meaney Net Worth

Colm Meaney Net Worth

Actor Colm Meaney’s net worth is a hefty $10 million. He earned his net worth by appearing in many films and television shows. His acclaimed role as Chief Miles Edward O’ Brien earned him a Golden Globe nomination. Since then, Meaney has continued to appear in films and television, and his net worth is likely to grow.

Meaney is married to Ines Glorian, a French costume designer. They have a daughter together, Brenda. Their marriage lasted for nine years, and in 1994, they divorced. Since then, Colm Meaney has been married to Ines Glorian, a French costume designer. The couple lives in Soller, Mallorca.

Colm Meaney was born in 1953 in Dublin, Ireland. His passion for acting started early in life. He attended the Abbey Theatre School of Acting when he was a teenager. He later joined the Irish National Theatre. He then worked in England for eight years, touring with several theater companies.

Since his early days in acting, Colm Meaney has starred in several films. His first film, Z-Cars, was released in 1978. He has also appeared in several television series, including Moonlighting and Remington Steele. Since then, he has earned a good amount of net worth.

Colm Meaney’s net worth is estimated to reach $15 million by 2022. His career has brought him fame and numerous awards. His success is the result of hard work and dedication. He was born on May 30, 1953. He studied acting at the Abbey Theater School of Acting in Dublin. He also has strong connections in the Irish film industry and is currently involved in many projects.

In addition to his film roles, Colm Meaney has appeared in various TV shows. He is best known for his role as Miles O’Brien in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was also a guest star in Moonlighting, Remington Steele, and The Snapper. His acclaimed acting skills have led to a huge net worth for the Irish actor.

His first major TV appearance came in 1978 on BBC1’s Z-Cars. In the years following, he appeared in several supporting and co-starring roles. Among his other notable roles, he has starred in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and several other series. Other notable television appearances include Scarlett, Law & Order, and Law & Order Criminal Intent. Most recently, he is starring as Thomas Durant in the AMC drama Hell on Wheels.

Since his career in acting has taken him to the forefront of Hollywood, Colm’s net worth is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The actor is also a member of the Irish National Theatre. He also appeared in various films, including Eugene O’Neill’s A Moon For the Misbegotten and Three and Out.