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How Many Hershey Kisses Fit In A Mason Jar

You may wonder how many Hershey kisses will fit in a half-gallon mason jar. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to find out! Here are some tips to help you decide! First, you’ll need to figure out what size jar you have. Some quart-sized vases are suitable for a few hundred Kisses while others will only hold a dozen.

The volume of the jar will determine how many Hershey Kisses will fit inside. A mason jar is eight inches tall and eight inches wide. If you use a mason jug, it will hold about two pounds of Hershey kisses. A half-gallon receptacle should fit approximately 27 Hershey kisses.

If you want to fit 2,000 Hershey kisses in a mason jar, you can purchase a bag of 32-ounce or 35.8-ounce Hershey Kisses. It should hold approximately 27 Kisses. You can also purchase Hershey Kisses in a 2lb bag. A pound of these treats contains 100 pieces. For a smaller amount, you can purchase a small jelly bean jar with 16 ounces of jelly beans. This type of jar has a resealable closure, making them perfect for party favors and other special events.

A pint-sized mason jar can hold 509 M&Ms. A quart-sized jar can hold approximately 40 Hershey kisses. A half-gallon jug can fit about five hundred and fifty Hershey Kisses. If you’re looking for a fun activity, try placing a single Hershey kiss in a mason mug and see how many you can find!

The most common sizes of mason jars can hold about 55 Hershey Kisses. A pint-sized jar will hold a half-gallon jar with up to 2,000 Hershey Kisses. A quart-sized jog jar will hold about two-thirds of the confectionery. A pint-sized jug will fit about fifty-five Hershey Kisses.

A quart-sized jar can hold up to fifty-five Hershey Kisses. A pint-sized jar can hold up to sixteen-ounces. A pint-sized jug can fit about five hundred Hershey kisses. If you’re planning on using a mason jar as a storage holder, use the next-larger size jar with a quarter-gallon capacity.

A large mason jar will hold three-quarters of an ounce of candy. Its size will determine how many Hershey kisses will fit in the jar. However, a mason jar with a smaller capacity will not fit the same amount of candy as a smaller one. A larger mason jig with a smaller jug will be more appropriate for small quantities of chocolates.

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