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Ghost Of Tsushima Traveler’s Attire

Ghost of Tsushima Armor Outfits

Ghost of Tsushima offers players an assortment of armor sets with unique advantages for archery, sword fighting or stealth combat styles – while others provide universal benefits applicable across combat types.

The game offers various outfits that serve more than cosmetic purposes – they also help Jin navigate the island more effectively. Some outfits provide collectible-hunting perks while other apparel provides exploration bonuses to facilitate finding rare artifacts more quickly.

Traveler’s Attire

After the Prologue, players receive their first “proper” armor piece – The Traveler’s Attire is ideal for artifact collectors as its unique advantages include being able to track different items using Guiding Wind and making your controller vibrate when near artifacts.

These perks are invaluable for players looking to explore and uncover all of the dozens of artifacts hidden throughout the map. Additionally, having your outfit equipped makes travelling much simpler; making it easier to identify collectibles as you travel from place to place.

Today marks the release of Ghost of Tsushima Patch 2.0 with standard bug fixes, text accessibility options, and improvements to Traveler’s Attire. According to Sucker Punch, this latest update will make Traveler’s Attire more wearable by providing visual and audial cues that suggest nearby collectibles.

Also, your controller will vibrate more often when near an artifact – another simple addition that makes the final upgrade to the Traveler’s Attire much more beneficial for players.

Collectibles play an integral part in Ghost of Tsushima, but they may prove challenging to locate within its vast island landscape. The Traveler’s Attire offers a few features to help track them down more efficiently – it even lets you direct Guiding Wind directly at these items!

Traveler’s Attire also allows you to mark your discoveries on the map so they won’t get misplaced when returning later in the game – an especially useful feature when searching for Fox Shrines which can be difficult to pinpoint without this outfit.

Traveler’s Attire offers additional perks that enhance stealthy playstyle, making artifact hunting even more rewarding than before. Charms such as those designed for stealth can further amplify this advantage of this outfit.

The Traveler’s Attire is an ideal option for players looking to scour Tsushima for artifacts hidden throughout its vast territory. Not only can it mark your finds more quickly and aid levelling up more rapidly thanks to its guiding wind abilities, it will also assist with marking discoveries faster!

After completing the Prologue, players can purchase Traveler’s Attire by talking to merchants found around town or at Hiyoshi Prefecture Survivor Camp. While it will take some time to obtain it, its rewards make it well worth your while!