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Desiree Washington Net Worth

Desiree Washington Net Worth

Desiree Washington is an actress and former beauty pageant winner. She was raped by boxing legend Mike Tyson. Her parents are Donald and Mary Belle Silva Washington. She is 48 years old and is a mixed race. She was born in Rhode Island. She has been a member of the Miss Black USA beauty pageant and is currently the reigning Miss Black America.

Desiree Washington’s net worth is estimated to be about $1 million USD. She has appeared in several modeling projects and has earned a fortune from her modeling career. However, this is not a complete picture. In 1991, she was raped by Mike Tyson. Tyson was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison. This incident has resulted in many documentaries featuring her story.

Washington graduated from Providence College and studied psychology. She also won the Miss Black America pageant in 1991. She always dreamed of becoming an attorney or a politician. Her parents are both successful in their fields, and she grew up in a family with supportive parents. As for her personal life, Washington focuses on maintaining a low profile.

After winning the Miss Black Rhode Island pageant in 1991, Washington went on to win the Miss Black America pageant. She was then 18 years old. Then, she was approached by a boy named Mike Tyson. Tyson, a boxer who weighed around two hundred and fifty pounds, offered her $1 million to drop the case. Later, the boy became abusive and forced her into bed.

Desiree Washington is a former model. Since the incident, she has maintained a low profile. She lives in Rhode Island with her mother. She has an education in psychology. She has worked as a model and a television personality. But after rape, her life has been complicated.

In 1991, she was the subject of a controversy when she accused boxer Mike Tyson of rape. Eventually, Tyson was convicted of the crime and sentenced to six years in prison. As of 2021, her net worth is estimated to be approximately $600,000. She is considered to be one of the wealthiest women of her generation.

As a teenager, she attended Providence College in Rhode Island. She was a senior in psychology and had hopes of becoming a lawyer or politician. At some point, she even wanted to become the first black female president. Her career trajectory has since changed dramatically. She competed in the Miss Black America pageant and won it. While she was in the pageant, she met Mike Tyson and appeared in a video with him.

Before her successful career, Washington studied at Coventry High School, where she was a cheerleader and member of the championship softball team. She also volunteered at a Sunday school. She went on to study psychology at Providence College, where she was the only black student out of 34. Washington’s parents were divorced.