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Copa Travel Requirements

Travel Requirements for Travelling With Copa Airlines

Travel requirements change regularly, and to meet all migratory, health and biosafety standards it is wise to speak to both your travel agent and authorities within your country of origin, transit and destination before purchasing a ticket. Doing this will ensure you comply with any migratory, health or biosafety rules applicable.

Passenger health requirements vary widely by country, so it is wise to verify their requirements with both your airline and country of destination before traveling. Some countries require filling out an official Health Declaration either online or by visiting their embassy/consulate beforehand, while some require proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever; which you should bring along as evidence before flying.

Travel Vaccination Requirements with Copa Airlines

Before travelling with Copa Airlines, it is imperative that you are up-to-date with all required vaccinations for travel. These include hepatitis A and B vaccinations as well as measles, mumps, rubella (MMR). If travelling with children under 15 years old you must carry their birth certificate as well as provide notarized parental authorization forms.

Copa Airlinestiunea The best way to prevent COVID is through taking a Covid test at least 72 hours prior to departure, which will help the airline identify any potential carriers of this disease and ensure they do not enter or remain onboard the aircraft during the flight.

Due to the COVID outbreak in Latin America, airlines have been unable to offer travelers the same high level of service they were previously used to providing; as a result, travel restrictions and quarantine requirements frequently change, making forward planning challenging.

Due to this circumstance, airlines have been forced to curtail services – particularly flights to Argentina and Cuba – which has created significant disruption in schedules as well as losses of revenue for these airlines.

IATA introduced its Travel Pass solution to address this challenge, validating and authenticating all country regulations regarding COVID-19 passenger travel requirements. It offers four open-sourced modules that enable authorized labs or test centers to securely send test results or vaccination certificates directly to passengers.

Passengers traveling within the Americas will have confidence that they are complying with health requirements in their destination country, helping reestablish ties between nations. IATA issued this statement as well.

Copa Airlines and Panama government have joined us in conducting this important trial that will give invaluable input for future development of IATA Travel Pass program.

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