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Hololive Researcher

Hololive Researcher

A hololive researcher is a Fauna who joined YouTube in July 2021. She is a member of the Council of Fauna and a Keeper of Nature. Her horns are caused by branches, and her name means “Kindred Spirit”. “Nature” is the name given to all organic matter outside of humankind.


Hololive researcher Koyori is a female Virtual YouTuber from Japan. She debuted in the Secret Society game holoX, and now heads R&D for the game. Her interests include studying human behavior, as well as meddling in the affairs of other members. While her expertise is limited, she is widely regarded as the “brains” of the operation.

Yuzuki Choco

Yuzuki Choco is a female Virtual YouTuber from Japan. She is associated with the hololive phenomenon, and is part of a new generation of VTubers. A health doctor at Demonic-Realm Academy, Yuzuki Choco is popular with both male and female viewers. She has a love of snacks.

Choco has over 500,000 subscribers on her main channel and over 200,000 on her backup channel. While many people might be skeptical about a researcher from Japan, she has proven herself to be a highly competent personality. Her videos are often educational and fun. Choco’s videos have captivated fans from all over the world.

VTuber Yuzuki Choco is one of Hololive’s most active members, often going live several times a day. Although she is still active, her recent change in schedule shows that she’s taking care of her health. She used to broadcast a video as often as five times a day, but now she’s taking a break from that routine to ensure her well-being.

Choco-sensei also does cooking streams semi-regularly. Unlike her live streams, she does not use a live camera, but instead uses a chat stream to share her cooking process with fans. The dishes she cooks are not always posted on her channel, however; she posts pictures of her final dishes on Twitter.

Ceres Fauna

The Ceres Fauna holologer is a fan of hololive and its members. She has a strong admiration for holomember Shirogane Noel and hopes to collaborate with her in the future. She is also a vegan, having made the announcement two months after her debut.

Ceres Fauna is an English Virtual YouTuber associated with the hololive. This is the reason why people are interested in Fauna’s face reveal, as Fauna has not revealed it herself. The Fauna has masked her face with her mobile. This has caused many people to search the internet for a face reveal of Ceres Fauna. Fortunately, Fauna’s face has been revealed through a post shared by a Hololive Researcher.

Secret Society holoX researcher

La+ Darkness is a member of the Secret Society holoX. Originally a smart and very powerful hologram, she has since lost much of her powers and is no longer able to remember when she was sealed up. Fortunately, she is still making enough money to survive. On 28 November 2021 at 9pm JST, she will make her official debut as the third -holoX member. The stream will feature the members of the group and the first collaboration stream will be held on her channel.

The group is composed of five members, including hololive. The hololive group will debut one of its members every month until the 30th. The group has been working on a number of projects, including the “Fan Fun Island” concert, which took place last month.