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Research Administration Webinars

Research Administration Webinars


Streamlyne, the first Platinum sponsor of NCURA, is making these webinars available to the research administration community. These videos will introduce you to the latest advancements in research administration, and how they benefit your organization. These webinars are just one of the many resources offered to NCURA members to help them stay informed and improve their operations. NCURA also offers a variety of communication and networking tools that help members connect with each other research administration professionals in the field.

The Departmental Research Administration Workshop is designed for unit-level professional administrators. This group of administrators faces unique challenges when managing a research portfolio, including pre and post-award activities. As a result, they must be well-versed in research administration. Throughout the workshop, unit-level administrators will gain new insights and best practices on how to lead research administration and develop their leadership skills.

Developing a diverse and inclusive research administration team requires a number of strategies to ensure a diverse and inclusive environment. The first of the six webinars will focus on open dialogue and strategies to foster diverse perspectives. The webinar series will include topics on recruitment, retention, promotion, and international diversity. There will be practical takeaways for research administrators, including strategies for addressing bias and developing a supportive environment.


NIH research administration webinars provide a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field. These webinars are recorded and can be viewed at any time. They also provide valuable insight into current issues related to NIH research administration and data management. Participants will learn about new policies regarding the management of data and how to ensure that data is shared responsibly.

The NIH Virtual Seminar is a convenient and free way to learn about new policies and processes that affect grant proposals. The sessions are aimed at those who are just beginning their work with NIH grants. Advanced sessions are led by NIH experts who discuss more detailed policies and processes.

The webinars cover topics such as grant administration and data management, research governance, research management and compliance. These sessions are targeted at new investigators, postdocs, and students and aim to improve their understanding of the NIH structure and build their capacity to conduct global mental health research.

UT Austin

Researchers at UT Austin are invited to participate in an informational webinar in September to learn about the new UT Research Management Suite – IRB. This system offers a centralized management platform for research studies and integrates with other solutions for research administration. During the webinar, researchers can ask questions about the new system and learn more about the requirements for student researchers.

The webinar will cover important federal regulations and best practices for the research administration community. The webinar will include tips for the administration of sponsored projects. Participants will gain an understanding of the regulations governing research and the processes involved in securing external funds. They will also learn about the close-out of sponsored projects and other research compliance.


IU Research Administration hosts a series of webinars to assist researchers with administrative tasks. These webinars are designed to help users navigate the research administration system and manage grant applications. They provide step-by-step instructions for creating a proposal, submitting a grant, and using the Grants Management Toolkit.

Each webinar is free and open to the public. They are recorded and posted on Kaltura, a video-based learning system, and cover topics related to university research and the federal funding agencies. Training webinars from the Office of the Vice President for Research cover a wide range of topics, from proposal submission to budgets to subawards to award management.

IU Health is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Informatics and Information Services Department is a strong example of a department embracing DEI. Kristi and Katrin will discuss challenges they have faced and lessons learned along the way. This is an open discussion, so members are encouraged to share their experiences and solutions.


If you’re an administrator in a research institute, you can take advantage of an upcoming ORCID research administration webinar. You’ll learn how to integrate ORCID across common systems and leverage member APIs at the institutional level. And, of course, you’ll learn how ORCID can benefit you.

The EIFL’s Digital Research Training Programme will also introduce researchers to ORCID. Presenters include ORCID representatives Nabil Ksibi and Gabriela Mejias. They’ll cover topics like creating an ORCID account, preventing duplicate iDs, and adding affiliations and contributions to your profile. They’ll also talk about peer review and how to use the ORCID wizard.

ORCID iDs allow researchers to avoid duplicating research activities by creating a single, persistent identifier. This can make it easier to obtain credit for your work. And more funding organizations, publishers, and research institutions are requiring researchers to have an ORCID iD. For more information, see the Libraries’ Research Guide.

NIH Virtual Grants Conference

To help you get the most out of NIH Virtual Grants Conference webinars, the NIH offers a series of pre-conference events. These pre-conference events are designed to give you time to digest the information before the actual conference begins. During the NIH Virtual Grants Conference, you can also learn more about the Doris Duke Clinical Scientist Development Awards, which provide grants to junior physician scientists to prepare them for independent clinical research careers. You can apply for a pre-proposal for an award if you are an Assistant Professor of medicine conducting clinical research in any disease area. To apply, you must demonstrate a strong commitment to driving insights into patient care.

The NIH Virtual Grants Conference webinars are ideal for new and experienced researchers. They provide a foundational understanding of the research funding process, including policies and procedures. The workshops also feature expert speakers who share their knowledge of NIH policies and processes.

IU’s Kaltura video system

If you are conducting research administration webinars and workshops, IU’s Kaltura video system may be a great option for you. It’s easy to use and has a number of features that make it easy for you to share information with other people. For example, you can record a lecture and share it on the web. Kaltura also has captioning and transcript features, so if you need to provide a transcript, you can use those features.