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I Am Send You A Surprise Message

If you are receiving an i am send you a surprise message, you should be wary of what it really means. These types of scams are often disguised as legitimate notifications, but they can lead you to dangerous websites. Moreover, clicking on a random notification can lead you to a Trojan horse virus or a Ransomware infection. Hence, if you want to stop receiving this type of message, you should uninstall the browser hijacker from your system.

Despite its supposed “genuine” nature, malicious holiday greetings are spreading online. These fake greetings look authentic but can lead to dangerous websites. Malicious messages are typically circulated through social messenger apps, and include a mail icon that’s designed to entice curious netizens to click on them. Despite the fact that many Filipinos are skeptical of these messages, they still chose to ignore them, thinking they were genuine.