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World of Warcraft Miss Fortune Urf Build Guide

Miss Fortune is an A-tier Fighter/Tank who has a lot potential. However, it’s important that you follow the correct skill order. Generally, you’ll want to focus on the skills that will help you in group fights. The first skill to level up is Q Double Up, and you’ll want to max it out as soon as possible. After that, you’ll want to level up W Strut and E Make It Rain. These skills will help you cleave through the health bars of your opponents, as well as give Miss Fortune a bit of extra damage.

If you want to play Miss Fortune for late game teamfights, you’ll want to build her as a ranged hero, as her Strut movement speed bonus will help her make the most of it. She can also take Magical Footwear, which will further increase her mobility. She’ll become a team fighting menace by late game, and her Bullet Time can deal massive amounts of damage with the help of Make It Rain. Miss Fortune’s weakness lies in her inability to escape. However, she can compensate by using Magical Footwear as an ally.

Despite its flaws, Miss Fortune has a lot of potential. It is the best choice for solo queue game in all regions. It’s not only tanky and damage-minded, but also a great pick for tanky champions. It should be paired with Leona or Nautilus. And remember to use uyess PS0 if you can.

Miss Fortune has many ways to proc Kraken Slayer, and her Double Up spell can hit two enemy champions, which counts as two stacks. She’ll always get takedowns which will give her plenty AD and a physical vamp. Your passive will do a little more damage, and your auto attacks will be useful as well.

Another option for playing Miss Fortune is to use her ‘Lethality’ AD carry. This builds is similar to the traditional AD carry, but focuses more on her critical strike chance than on damage. In this build, you’ll blast through enemies with waves of Bullet Time while using the traditional build, you’ll focus more on big Double Ups. You should prioritize items like Infinity Edge or The Collector if you want a traditional Miss Fortune build.

Senna is another option for a Miss Fortune URF. This champion has good early range, but a lower attack range. It is best suited for the Bottom or Mid lane. This build can be boosted with Banshee’s Veil and Void Staff if you want.

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