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L&d Travel Nurse Jobs

L&D Travel Nurse Jobs – How to Get a Great Paying Assignment

L&D Travel Nurse Jobs: How to Secure an Engaging Assignment

Labor and delivery (L&D) travel nurses play a specialized role, working directly with pregnant women during gestation, childbirth and postpartum care – supporting doctors during labor processes while supporting mothers during this transformative journey. L&D travel nurses may also help patients breastfeeding post-birth.

Travel nurses need an extensive background in nursing before entering this niche field, which includes having graduated from either a two year (Associate’s Degree) or four year (Bachelor’s Degree) nursing program approved by their state board of nursing, and passing the National Council Licensure Examination – Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN).

L&D nurses are an integral component of hospital teams and as such are in high demand. However, demand can fluctuate with seasonality and market fluctuations, so hospitals often implement crisis rates which range from $5 per hour up to $20 an hour above standard wage rates in order to attract candidates for these positions. Crisis rates encourage recruiters to find more applicants than they might normally find with regular pay.

Travel nurses must also be aware that many hospitals require NRP, BLS and ACLS certification in order to secure assignments; these requirements must be fulfilled quickly in order to secure work assignments and could easily add up over time.

Due to the nature of L&D travel assignments and the specific skillset required, average salary rates tend to be slightly higher than for other travel assignments. When considering contracts it is essential for potential L&D travel nurses to consider each facility’s individual needs when making decisions about contracts.

Notably, many travel nursing companies provide housing stipends; however, some nurses prefer arranging their own accommodations during assignments. It is worth carefully considering this aspect of your assignment as it could make or break the experience for you. There are various resources available to those on assignment who want to find affordable housing. These include vacation rental websites like HomeAway, VRBO and Airbnb as well as services specialized in providing housing for traveling nurses such as Furnished Finder and Corporate Housing by Owner. When selecting any option it is essential to consult your recruiter about specific housing options and fees associated with your assignment so you are well-informed when negotiating pay.