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Bob Knight Married Karen Vieth Edgar

Bob Knight, the Indiana University basketball coaching coach, is reportedly engaged to Karen Vieth Edgar, a high school basketball coach. The couple have applied for a Monroe County, Okla. marriage license. It will be valid for 60 day. Karen is 41 and Bob is 47. She is currently the Kingfisher County High School girls’ coach. The couple is now a family.

Bob Knight and Karen Vieth Edgar have been married since 1988 and are set to celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary in February. Although they aren’t very active on social networking, it is believed that they share a love for basketball. During their time together, both of them played basketball and even coached it. They spent a lot time coaching and spending time together. They were often seen cheering each others on at basketball games.

Karen Vieth Edgar, the second wife of Bob Knight, was previously married to him. They met in high school, and they were married in 1982. They have two sons together. Pat Knight became the Texas Tech head basketball coach after Bob Knight retired. Pat Knight is still an active coach and scout. Since the early 2000s, he has been happily married to Amanda Shaw.

Bob Knight’s marriage with Karen Vieth Edgar was one the most well-known and widely publicized weddings of 1980. The wedding was highly publicized because both of the couples were well-known in their respective fields. Hilda Van Arsdale was Bob Knight’s first wife. She did not attend the ceremony but they got married anyway. Bob Knight’s first wife, Karen Vieth Edgar was a well-known basketball coach and artist for more 30 years.

Bobby Knight and Karen Vieth Edgar have been married for almost 30 years. She was a former high school basketball coach. Bobby Knight was married in 1988 to Karen Vieth Edgar. The couple has two children, Bobby and Pat. Their divorce is not final, but the couple is living a happy life. Their children are happy and healthy. It’s important to know that Karen Vieth Edgar is happily married to Bobby Knight.

Bob Knight’s second wife, Karen Vieth Edgar is a successful high-school basketball coach. While they were married, the couple won three Oklahoma state championships. Karen Vieth Edgar worked at Lomega High School in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma. Karen was a popular coach in her area and was also married to Bob Knight. Despite her fame, she was in complete control of her life and heart.