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Suncoast Travel Ball

What to Expect From a Suncoast Travel Ball Team

Youth baseball has seen a major surge in interest in travel ball in recent years. Though it isn’t replacing longstanding organizations like Little League, Cal Ripken or PONY, this format offers players an opportunity to test themselves against other players in an organized tournament setting.

Parents often view travel ball as an opportunity to boost their child’s college prospects, while others simply think it’s a fun summer activity. No matter the reasoning, it’s essential that you know what to expect when selecting a travel team for your kid.

Ultra-competitive: Most travel teams feature higher competition than what you would find in rec ball, which can be beneficial but also challenging for some kids to handle.

Tougher Workouts: Travel teams often employ drills to hone players’ skills. While these can be beneficial, they’re often physically taxing–especially for older athletes.

Equipment: When investing in equipment for a team, cost is an important factor. While some companies will donate bats and gloves at no cost or at a reduced price to teams, most of the necessary gear needs to be purchased by you.

Location: Your geographic location can be an important factor when deciding if travel ball is suitable for your family. If you live in a baseball hotbed like California, Texas or Florida, then there will likely be plenty of options and an ideal match for your child’s skill level.

If you live in a rural area, however, your options may be much more limited. You might need to drive or fly out for the tournament which could prove costly.

Stand Up to Cancer:

When your child’s favorite sport has special meaning for them, there are often ways to take that significance off the field and into their everyday lives. A Suncoast travel team is taking this concept one step further by using their passion for baseball to raise funds for those in need.

The Suncoast Chargers, a travel ball team from Riviera Beach, have begun hosting fundraiser games in which they will match any donations made to local organizations or charities in their name. On April 10 at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, they’re hosting the Stand Up to Cancer game with all proceeds going toward fighting cancer.