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Torque Travel Trailer

Torque Travel Trailer – High-End Residential Features

The Torque travel trailer is an RV equipped with luxurious residential features to make you feel right at home while camping. Each unit is constructed using Azdel-fortified sidewalls and a wide body design; inside you’ll find culinary kitchen workspace, residential furniture, carpet free slide out floors and pleated night shades among many other amenities. Furthermore, Torque’s garage comes complete with fuel and oil resistant diamond plate TPO rubber flooring so you can safely store power toys. These incredible units have quickly become our most popular toy hauler model; stop by Bish’s RV today to take a closer look!

The Torque features two prominent patio areas and an expansive garage that are ideal for daytime activities and accommodating additional guests you bring on board the road. Tiffany from Us The Remingtons shows us in her video above how you can tailor the garage space according to your individual needs for hunting, storage of additional toys or accommodating overnight stays for additional guests.

Each toy hauler travel trailer and fifth wheel features high-end residential features you won’t find in other RV models, like two-zone JBL exterior marine-grade audio systems that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, their two” thick Azdel fortified walls provide added insulation value and strength compared to traditional RVs made with thinner materials.