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Market Research Jobs In Russia

Market Research Jobs in Russia

If you’re interested in working in a new country and want to expand your career opportunities, consider market research jobs in Russia. Russia’s market research industry dates back to the early 1990s, when major FMCG companies introduced the marketing and research culture. This helped accelerate the transition from planned to market economy in the country.

Many of the Russian market research projects today are geared towards identifying potential customers. The traditional marketing and research tasks include branding and segmentation studies. In addition, product development research has become more important to Russian market research buyers. The following industries offer a variety of market research jobs in Russia: agriculture, telecommunications, construction, financial services, consumer goods, and the traditional industrial sector.

Domestic growth and growing foreign interest in Russia are driving the market research industry’s development. Many foreign firms are establishing local offices in the country and conducting massive volumes of research. These efforts are helping companies expand their operations and defend their positions in the country. As a result, the market research industry is booming in Russia.

Face-to-face interviews are the most efficient method of interviewing Russian respondents. This method allows respondents to see who is speaking to them and lowers the risk of surreptitious visits from regulators. However, it’s important to note that face-to-face interviews are rare in Russia. Nonetheless, face-to-face interviews may still be the most effective way to reach potential clients.

While market research jobs in Russia may not be as plentiful as in the West, the country is vast and requires quality intelligence. Many Russian agencies are now recognizing the value of good intelligence. While market research in Russia is typically more expensive than in other BRIC countries, it’s comparable to research in Western countries. In addition, clients are becoming more discerning about ROI, but they’ll often pay for the benefit of an informed view of the country.