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Tina Has Been Dieting For A Total Of 13 Weeks

Tina still loves her favorite cereal, so it’s a good thing Tina’s diet is working! She’s been on a diet for 13 weeks and still loses weight. She’s lost over 14 pounds in a total of 13 weeks! She’s happy, healthy, and she’s a great example of this! In fact, she’s actually had a lot of fun with her diet, and is constantly answering questions about it.

As a matter of fact, Tina has been dieting for a total thirteen weeks and has lost a total of 10 pounds. She lost three pounds in her first week, but she quickly gained it back in the second, and then she lost two pounds every week for the rest of the diet. Although this may sound like a huge weight loss, it’s easy for one to see how the results compare.

Throughout season one, Tina has been dieting and working out for 13 weeks. She works out and has lost about 15 pounds! She is also a professional dancer so she is always in good health. Her diet plan is so successful, she’s even able to dance at a disco. The most recent episode of the show aired March 2018. It’s only getting better!

Although it may sound extreme, Tina has seen a change in her body after she began to lose weight. She’s a fan of boyz 4 now, so she sneaks on tour bus and steals 5 sweatbands. She broke the rules because she was so infatuated with her band’s members. Her recurring friend, Tammy, blackmails Tina to break the rules. Tina’s diet is based on the rules that she’s been set in.

Throughout the series, Tina has learned about self-esteem and the value of self-confidence. She initially agrees with peer pressure to shave her legs, but regrets it for the wrong reasons. She shares her growing self-confidence and feelings with her father. She believes she is beautiful and embraces her journey into adulthood. You can watch the whole series and see for yourself how much progress she has made.

Her diet is based on her goal of losing weight and getting back in shape. She has been dieting for 13 weeks, and is now down to her final goal of losing a total of ten pounds. She is still not at her goal of losing five inches. The episode has an interesting twist. In season three, she meets another boy named Josh, who has a crush on her. He does eventually win her but only after she has lost a week of the diet.