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Peoples Bank Slaton

Peoples Bank Slaton Opens in Slaton

The Peoples Bank Slaton branch is located at 1605 West Division Street in Slaton. It has been open since Wednesday, and will be overseen by a longtime Slaton resident. This particular establishment will not be the only branch to be built in this part of the state, as the bank’s parent company, Wachovia, plans on opening another four locations over the next couple of years.

The people of Slaton have been waiting for a brick and mortar bank for a number of years, and with the new branch, they should get their wish come true. The new location will be a full service banking facility with drive up teller capabilities, so customers can be up and running in no time. Not only that, but the facility will also serve as the model for a number of future expansions and construction projects in the area.

The people of Slaton are also getting a boost from a new state-of-the-art mortgage lending division, which will offer a variety of loan products. With its statewide presence, the Peoples Bank Slaton branch will serve as a beacon for the local economy and its customers. As with all banks, customers can expect a friendly, knowledgeable staff who are more than willing to help out when the need arises.