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Alpo Chrissy Lampkin

Chrissy Lampkin and Alpo Martinez Are Supposed to Be Dating

Chrissy Lampkin and Alpo Martinez are rumored to be dating each other. Chrissy was previously in a relationship with Jim Jones, the rapper, and was linked to Joseph Guillermo Jones III who is currently in protective custody. The two met in 2004 and began dating. Their relationship was difficult at first and ended with divorce. Chrissy is now a successful businesswoman.

Chrissy Lampkin was a New Yorker born in Harlem in 1970. She was a star of Love & Hip Hop: New York’s season one and two. Celeste was her role in the series. She then starred in the spinoff, Chrissy & Mr. Jones. Despite her successful acting career, Lampkin has remained humble and remains a staunch Christian.

Chrissy Lampkin was brought up by her grandmother. She has a complicated past. She was involved in multiple criminal activities as a teen, including credit card scams, theft, and drug trafficking. Chrissy was arrested in 1992 for her involvement in an interstate drug trafficking ring. She is 5′ 6″ tall and weighs in at 62 kg. She has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Chrissy Lampkin has a long-term relationship with Jim Jones. Jim proposed to Chrissy at Miami. The couple have been together for more than a decade and are now engaged. However, the relationship has experienced some rough patches. The couple appeared together on Love and Hip Hop: New York. The couple will have a family and marry in 2021. They are even more likely to have children.

Chrissy Lampkin, who has not disclosed how much she has earned since the success of her first reality series, hasn’t revealed how much. However, her net worth is estimated to be around $300000, thanks to her career in showbiz. In the United States, tv reality stars earn an average of $64439 a year. She earned a decent amount from her time on Love & Hip Hop.

As a child, Chrissy was raised in Harlem. Her grandmother raised her in the hood. The video hoe’s popularity allowed her to become a successful model and actress. In fact, Chrissy’s first reality show, “Awesome Chrissy”, she reportedly cheated on her boyfriend with a gangster. Her parents were gangsters.