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Which Is Worse Period Or Kicked In The Balls

Both getting a period or getting kicked in your balls can cause pain. A shot to the balls can hurt for hours or even days while a period can last up to a week. Obviously, the latter will leave you feeling more pain and not have the same physical effect. However, a kick to the balls is not as traumatic as a period is and it’s not as common.

Below is a video that shows how kicking the balls can be compared to giving birth. Obviously, this is a comparison, but the fact remains that everyone experiences pain differently, and a woman’s perception of pain is based on her mood, level of alertness, and previous experience. If you’ve never been kicked in the balls, it’s definitely not a pleasant experience. Which is worse?

According to a female colleague, pain during a woman’s period can be very painful. However, being kicked in your balls is the most painful. Although it can be as painful as giving birth or passing on kidney stones, it is nothing compared to the pain of being kicked in the balls. Getting kicked in the balls can also cause nausea, but the pain should dissipate in an hour or two. Likewise, a girl shouldn’t feel pain from being kicked in the balls, so which is worse?

While women’s periods are different, the pain from a kick to the balls is arguably more painful for women than their periods are. Kicking the balls causes neuro-chemicals known as nociceptors to be released. These chemicals send signals to the brain and spinal cord. They are made to vomit if they are stimulated. This causes nausea and a spike in heart rate and blood pressure. Furthermore, men’s testicles contain multiple nerves that are connected to the brain’s vomiting center, which can cause intense pain.