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Sourcing Paint From Biomass Research

Biomass As a Source of Paint

The paint industry currently uses many fossil resources, and shifting to renewable sources is expected to happen gradually over the next decade. However, the percentage of bio-based feedstock in paints is still quite low, at less than 5%. Some companies, however, are starting to use “smart drop-ins” to increase the amount of renewable materials in the final product. This makes for better marketability, and a more sustainable and environmental-friendly product.

The scientists of the University of Groningen and Akzo Nobel have developed a new method for turning biomass into a high-quality paint. The process involves using light, UV, and oxygen to break down the plant’s lignocellulose into an alkoxybutenolide, which is similar to acrylic acid. This process could be the key to replacing the use of petrochemical-based monomers in coatings.

The green chemistry movement is driving a change in the way paint is made. The goal of green chemistry is to use renewable sources in place of fossil-based products, while improving process efficiency and reducing waste. As more companies become aware of the benefits of green chemistry, the paint and coatings industry is likely to follow. However, many challenges remain in this field. Some of these issues include capital expenditure and regulatory compliance.