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Wheel Of Fortune Achilles

A College Student Missed His Chance to Win $1 Million on the Wheel of Fortune

Although Wheel of Fortune can be a fun experience for some contestants, most contestants leave empty-handed. Though there are some lucky contestants who walk away with millions of dollars or even a brand new car, most contestants don’t make it to the end of the show with the big prize. In fact, one college student recently lost his chance to win $1 million on the game show. Unfortunately, his error wasn’t due to lack of skill, but a misunderstanding.

Kevin O’Donnell hosts The Wheel of Fortune, a game show. Each episode features a different contestant with a different challenge. Contestants must solve a riddle using letters from a board. Matching the letters to the numbers determines the winners. If they can match all four letters, they win the game.

One episode saw a college student lose his chance at $1 million by mispronouncing the word “Achilless.” He knew the correct pronunciation of the phrase, but he had not correctly guessed the letters. Nervousness was the reason for his error. Another contestant misunderstood a phrase and lost the prize in an episode.

On the same episode, another college student lost his shot at a million-dollar wedge by mispronouncing a word. He was on his way to winning a million-dollar wedge until he made a mistake with the word ‘Curio.’ This answer was not accepted by the contestants because it sounded like “Corno Curro Cabinet.”