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White People Money True Story

White People Money Teaser Trailer

The Bold and the Beautiful actor is in the spotlight once again as Vertical Entertainment releases a teaser trailer for his new film White People Money.

The movie is directed by seasoned filmmaker Mark Harris, who has been churning out award-worthy work for years (including House Behind The Tracks, Everyday But Christmas). Barton Fitzpatrick and Drew Sidora lead the charge in this witty and wacky tale of how one couple wins the ultimate prize: a billion dollar jackpot.

While the aforementioned ode to the windfall isn’t exactly a cynical or shady scheme, the film does not stand up to close scrutiny. A lackluster script, mediocre acting and a slew of racial innuendos combine to make this a low light. The movie may be a hoot to watch in its own right, but it’s also an utterly uninspiring exercise in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood – which is to say it tries too hard. It’s a resounding failure when you compare it to the likes of The Martian, Black Panther, or any other STARZ original.