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What Happened To Laura Mckowen And Holly Whitaker

“What Happened to Laura McKowen and Holly Whittaker?” – The title of this article suggests that both of these women suffered from substance abuse. But, what happened to the women who co-hosted the podcast? They are now both facing tough personal problems. We’ve compiled some information below that might help you understand their stories. Let’s begin with Holly’s story.

The premise of this documentary is that the starlets of the show struggled with substance abuse and addiction. Tempest, a digital program aimed at changing the conversation about alcohol and substance abuse, was inspired by their own addiction. Holly Whitaker soon discovered that she was a fraud despite their apparent success. She realized that there was a different path to recovery for all of us.

During her time in recovery, Laura McKowen has published multiple books and blogs. Her memoir, We Are the Luckiest was a bestseller. Her story has been featured in The New York Times, the Guardian, Psychology Today, and The Atlantic. She has been a successful entrepreneur since then and founded The Luckiest Club, a sober community. She holds a MBA from Babson College. She lives in Boston with her daughter.

The book is a hard-hitting read. It tackles the alcohol industry, culture, and targeting of women. A chapter is dedicated to “AA is for Men.” Whitaker’s story of her addiction that led to the death her mother is told with sharp humor and colorful language. She also lists the physical damage she caused to her body as a result.