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How to Submit a Manuscript to Food Research International

Food research international is an important outlet for the publication of original research. The journal covers many disciplines and provides an international forum for original research. Food researchers from all over the world publish in this journal. There are several different formats to choose from: abstract, document template, citation style, and list of authors. Using the correct format is vital to ensuring that your manuscript is peer-reviewed. Read the author guidelines to learn about formatting.

Authorea document template

To make it easy for you to submit your research to Food Research International, you can use the Authorea document template. This template will help you prepare documents that follow the style and format guidelines of the journal. Once you have used the template to create your paper, you can simply export it to FRI and it will automatically apply the formatting and citation style.

Citation style

The Food Research International style requires authors to cite sources appropriately. It has guidelines for reference lists, in-text citations, and bibliographies. Citationsy, a free online tool, can help you cite any source. You can also use the software to reference videos, websites, articles, podcasts, and other digital media.

Food Research International publishes mainly qualitative and quantitative research papers. It does not publish papers about product development or statistical optimization of processes. However, it does publish surveys, if it relates to the subject matter. It is important to use the appropriate style for your work. You should follow the style guidelines listed below when submitting to the journal.

Authoring guidelines

When publishing an article in Food Research International, authors must ensure that their manuscript meets the journal’s authoring guidelines. First, they should acknowledge their funding in a consistent manner, and they should list their funding sources under a separate heading. Then, they should provide an ethical approval letter from their university or institute.

Manuscripts must be in Microsoft Word format, and authors must make sure that they are clear and concise. They should also provide a cover letter. If they are submitting a manuscript in a foreign language, they should have a native speaker proofread it. A manuscript that contains multiple language errors will be rejected.

Other than research papers, authors should keep in mind that Food Research International does not publish surveys, statistical optimizations of processes, or product development papers. The journal’s editorial policy aims to publish more fundamental work, and a strong quantitative emphasis. To help ensure that their work is appropriate for Food Research International, authors should refer to its full aims and scope.

List of authors

If you have submitted a manuscript to Food Research International, you should be aware of its style. The journal encourages authors to acknowledge all sources of funding in a consistent manner. You should also state that any research that you have carried out with human or animal subjects has been ethically approved by the respective university. In case of any conflicts of interest, you must declare these to the journal.

Food Research International publishes high-quality research articles and reviews, as well as letters to the editors. In addition to this, the journal also publishes special issues on topical topics and selected papers from scientific meetings and conferences. However, authors should keep in mind that the journal does not publish surveys, product development papers, or statistical optimization of processes.

The submission system guides authors through the process and allows them to upload a single LaTeX or PDF file. Once submitted, they will receive correspondence through email. The author should provide a valid email address, explain the novelty of the research, and upload a Cover Letter describing why the paper is suitable for publication in the journal.

The journal follows a rigorous peer-review process and has strict ethical standards. Editors take these standards seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to publishing ethically-questionable materials. Authors must disclose any conflicts of interest and must present their research findings in a non-biased manner with an objective discussion of their significance.

Submission deadline

The Food Research international submission deadline is the last day of January each year. If you wish to submit a manuscript to the journal, you should follow the guidelines listed below. Moreover, you must prepare your manuscript in one single file, and upload a cover letter explaining why it is suitable for publication. The author’s name and email address should be unique and provided in the article.

First, make sure that your article is free of plagiarism. Food Research strongly discourages plagiarism and will verify the authenticity of all manuscripts to avoid duplicate submissions. Duplicate submissions will be automatically rejected. Moreover, it is important to cite your references and other work. Over-citation of authors may affect the review process.

Food Research International publishes high-quality original research, review papers, and letters to the editors. It also publishes special issues on topical subjects. In addition, the journal publishes selected papers from conferences and scientific meetings. As a result, it is considered an excellent journal for the dissemination of new and innovative research.