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Which Of The Following Sports Is Surprisingly Safe

Which of these sports is actually quite safe? There are many safer sports than you might think. According to an Aspen Institute report, tennis and swimming are the safest sports for children, and football is the least risky. Boys are less likely to sustain serious injuries and concussions than their counterparts in the wrestling world. Football is much safer than basketball and soccer, which were the most dangerous among girls.

Although accidents and injuries can occur in any sport, catastrophic injuries and illnesses are extremely rare. Only 1% of sports involve surgical procedures. The Healthy Sport Index (HSI), however, analyzed the rate of non-fatal injuries. This is defined as a permanent or severe functional disability. Cheerleading and football have the highest rates of non-fatal injury. Football has a hazard-free rate of over one injury per 100,000 exposures.

Football is the most dangerous game for children. High school football players are more likely to sustain concussions than college players. While helmets do offer some protection from head trauma, they cannot prevent all concussions. High school football players are nearly twice as likely to sustain a concussion than lacrosse players. Although football is the most popular in America, its risk of suffering a concussion is higher among younger players.