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Daily Fortune Cookie – The Real Truth

Daily Fortune Cookie – The Real Truth

If you’re the type of person who enjoys a daily fortune cookie, you may be curious about what the real truth is. Many people believe that the fortune inside these cookies can help them with their day’s activities, avoid problems, and learn more about life. While that isn’t always the case, some fortunes are true, while others aren’t. Regardless of your beliefs, fortune cookies can provide you with some great insight about life and yourself.

According to the NYTimes, the first depiction of a fortune cookie can be traced back to 1878, and are part of Japanese literature and history. A picture from that time is available on the NYTimes website, showing a man preparing a fortune cookie. The man is seated in a bakery, placing the cookies on a trey. The cookies are then baked.

It’s possible that fortune cookies originated in Japan, though the true origin of the design is still unknown. Regardless of their origins, the daily fortune cookie is likely a product of Japanese immigration to the United States. While this migration was slow, Japanese communities began to appear in places along the West Coast. Some Japanese immigrants migrated to these areas, while others opened bakeries. Ultimately, this population growth led to the invention of the fortune cookie.

The history of the daily fortune cookie is fascinating. Not only did it come from the Pacific, but it also has a turbulent history of rivalry, peace, and war. There are so many interesting facts about the cookie that learning about these facts will change the way you view the cookie. If you’re curious, here are 13 facts you may not have known about the daily fortune cookie.