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Tarek Sherif Net Worth

Tarek Sharif Net Worth

Tarek Sharif’s networth is not known. However, we can estimate the number of films he has starred in. His filmography includes the hit movies Doctor Zhivago (1965), Avalanche (1969), and This is Your Life (1961). In 1999, he co-founded Medidata, a software company. He is active in his local community and holds many roles in the entertainment and business industries.

Sherif is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Medidata Solutions. Sherif brought large numbers of employees along to the opening of the company for trading on the Nasdaq exchange. It was a moment of jubilation for the 47-year-old CEO, who also happens to be worth a cool $2.68 billion. The company’s shares opened at a high price, and the CEO wanted everyone to be a part of the moment.