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Kurama Time Travel Fanfiction

Kurama Time Travel Fanfiction

If you enjoy Naruto, reading time travel fanfiction could be just the thing to help deepen your understanding of its characters. These entertaining tales might make for some laugh out loud moments – with romance, drama, and excitement all packed into each page!

You can find some of the best Kurama Time Travel fanfiction on AO3 and Tumblr. Many stories written by popular authors have amassed large audiences; there are tales that focus on either the Shinobi world or character relationships. Check out some of these examples of time travel fanfic.

This story takes place six months prior to Kyuubi’s attack, with Hatake Kakashi traveling back in time five years to learn how to control her powers and cope with emotional baggage that has built up over time. For assistance on her new path she receives support from a troll-dad sensei and two twelve-year-old teammates.

Although its title might seem peculiar, this fic is actually very well written and engaging story. One of few Kurama time travel fics with some emotional content without becoming overbearing or draggish; there’s an excellent balance between different aspects of character development and plot progression in this story.

At first it’s slow going, but this story’s worth the wait. While not a traditional Kurama time travel fic, this piece does an effective job at depicting her repressed nature as well as how she interacts with family and teammates – providing an intriguing peek into Team Seven member.

This Kurama Time Travel fanfiction presents an alternate universe in which Itachi’s coup succeeded and the Uchiha took control of Hidden Leaf Village. They labeled all non-Uchiha shinobi with the Caged Bird seal and assassinated or imprisoned any important figures from previous leadership; this story depicts its consequences and how this changed Naruto.

This fic is remarkable in that it shows the impact of time looping on someone’s personality. While its pace may not be fast-paced, the author does an exceptional job of depicting how repeated painful experiences shape someone over time – giving the Fox an extremely developed character, and showing their growth with each experience.